Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The first time i met you I thought I would never love you,
Suddenly, I realize that all of my soul and heart
has been stolen by an anonymous with his cutie act.
At first i really hate your smile,
But now, those are the smiles that kept lingering in my heart.

I tried to see the world without you,
bt for me it can never be exist.
Soft and gentle you talk to me,
With your eyes keep shining my heart, forevermore.

You have opened my heart to know
the meaning of LOVE again!
But even it takes to many barriers,
I will never give up,
I'll be waiting for you even if it takes 10 years from now.

I'm sorry if i'm not perfect for you,
all i hope is for you to get the best.
I want you to know if i wasn't made for you,
I hope you'll find someone who will make you happy,
Who cares a lot about you,
gives you enough attention
and someone who understands you.
If I ever hurt you, i need you to know that I didn't mean to.
Sorry 'cause I dont know what it takes to make you happy.

I want you to know if you feeling down
and your friends can't be found and if you feel the world is against you,
then its us against the world.
Cause boy, you know that you can count on me.

P/S: this is only for youu who feel like this!

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